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WordPress 6.5 Beta 2 Release

WordPress 6.5 Beta 2 is available for testing!

This beta version is currently in development, so refrain from installing it on production websites. Instead, consider evaluating Beta 2 on a test server and site.

You can test WordPress 6.5 Beta 2 in four ways:

  1. Plugin: Install and activate the WordPress Beta Tester plugin on a WordPress install. (Select the “Bleeding edge” channel and “Beta/RC Only” stream).
  2. Direct Download: Download the Beta 2 version (zip) and install it on a WordPress website.
  3. Command Line: Use the following WP-CLI command:
    wp core update --version=6.5-beta2
  4. WordPress Playground: Utilize the 6.5 Beta 2 WordPress Playground to test the software directly in your browser without the need for a separate site or setup.

The current target release date for WordPress 6.5 is March 26, 2024. For an overview of the 6.5 release cycle, check the Make WordPress Core blog for 6.5-related posts in the coming weeks.

Catch up on what’s new in WordPress 6.5: Read the Beta 1 announcement for details and highlights.

How to Test this Release: Your help in testing WordPress 6.5 Beta 2 is crucial to ensure a smooth release. This detailed guide will walk you through testing features in WordPress 6.5.

If you encounter an issue, please report it to the Alpha/Beta area of the support forums or directly to WordPress Trac if you are comfortable writing a reproducible bug report. You can also check your issue against a list of known bugs.

Curious about testing releases in general? Follow along with the testing initiatives in Make Core and join the #core-test channel on Making WordPress Slack.

Vulnerability Bounty Doubles during Beta 2: Between Beta 1, released on February 13, and the final Release Candidate (RC) scheduled for March 19, the monetary reward for reporting new, unreleased security vulnerabilities is doubled. Please follow responsible disclosure practices as detailed in the project’s security practices and policies outlined on the HackerOne page and in the security white paper.

Beta 2 Updates and Highlights: WordPress 6.5 Beta 2 includes more than 50 updates to the Editor since the Beta 1 release, covering 40+ tickets for WordPress core.

Each beta cycle focuses on bug fixes; more are on the way with your help through testing. You can browse the technical details for all issues addressed since Beta 1 using these links:

A Beta 2 Haiku: Help out with testing Contribute! Make an impact Let’s find all those bugs

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